My 1000 bets results after 19 days

Screenshot (108)

These are my stats, at the moment I use a lower stake just because I have a little bit of hard time as you can see on my chart I started to go down. I was up 900+£ at some point and the software sugested me stakes of 20£ when i was up 900£… and I think that was a liitle bit too much and now I want to use only 1.2% as my max stake and take bets only on 4% or higher.

I started with free trial on 19 of feb but then I starded using rebelbetting pro after a few days.


Is it worthwhile subscribing to Valuebetting PRO with such a small bankroll and stake? I always thought PRO was for people who bet hundreds on each bet, not for people who are afraid to bet £20.

I might consider PRO myself but I only made about £100 after my first month on Basic and that’s with bets of £20 so I don’t see how I can make a profit on PRO with the higher subs cost.

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In my own opinion, Pro’s worth it for just one reason for me i.e >7% +EV bets, higher EV means higher profit, if you average average at least 6% EV with clv average of 4%, it is then you would know that the Pro’s really worth it, mind you you’ve got to put it work though