My awesome 10% yield result. I need advise

Dear members, i just want to share my result.
Please share your opinion, because most of my bets are on football. I suffer loses on russian rugby and hockey. I dont know if this is because of variance / match score are set by mafia (match fixing really exist)

Below, i post two screenshot of my result. The first one is before i got limited “again” by bet365 and marathon
The second one, most of the bets marked by red X are on 10bet’s rugby and hockey

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You’re lucky. I only make 50% profit

Perfect,Can you share your software parameter settings?

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Yes mate, please share your settings…

I actually don`t know how to be in plus

I`m already limited at sportingbet, bwin, 10bet, 32bet… 1e max stake

1xbet so far so good … no limits but I`m in good minus there -lol