My first month result


I started with 4 bookmakers: bet365, betsafe, coolbet and unibet. After couple of days I had to leave unibet, because they didn`t let me place any bet anymore.

We`ll see how second month is going to be, hopefully better.
Any tips or suggestions?

Hey Arto,

Welcome aboard :slight_smile: I encourage you keep going and see how your figures will change next month. What are your settings?

I use Bet365 and in the past 2 months it was very beneficial (1500 CAD profit) with 2% stake. I started to monitor Unibet and after 670 bets the yield is -4.6%. Let’s see how it will look like a month later.


Ma settings are as suggested ones:
Max stake : 2%
Kelly: 30 %

Min value 3% max 20%
Odds 1.3 to 3.1

Most of my bets are using bet365 - 80% of all the bets

If you would like to decrease the variation you may consider to change the max value from 20% to 10% or so and odds from 3.1 to 2.X (mine is from 1.3 to 2.7).

Hope it will improve your results.

Rebel 1
This is my results for the first 23 days with Rebelbetting. I am a relatively experienced value better so I knew what presets worked.

Variance has been with me but I do use a lower risk strategy.

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What do you mean exactly by using lower risk strategy?
Which sites do you use and betting on certain things or everything sites offers?

@AllyTh1 would you mind sharing your lower risk strategy with the rest of the community?
I am not an experienced value better and have been having bad results in my first month currently negative between 450-500 EUR.

Yes, no problem but be aware that even low risk can suffer from variance, just maybe not as much.

As far as bookies go, I’m in UK so it really depends on where you are.

Increasing yield and reducing variance can be done by

  • Lowering max odds
  • Increasing min value
  • Using only soft bookmakers
  • Lowering Kelly %
  • Disabling over/under market

Reducing time to match start can also affect variance.
This is not the best way to maximize profits in long term.

@Jakob so you suggest to just stay with the default settings instead for the long term profits?
Also, can you define “soft” bookmakers?
I am using Bet365 & Bwin.

Yes, if you don’t mind bigger variance. Bet with a 2,5% value is better than no bet at all.

99% of bookmakers are soft. There are only a few sharp bookmakers. Sharps are Pinnacle, Betfair, Smarkets, Matchbook, BetISN, and 3et. I don’t recommend using them. Read more here.