My personal fear over surebet

With my capital $1000.
What if bookmaker A odd is 1.7 and B odd is 3odd,
Then, if I decide to stake A 1.7 x $630 = $1071
In bookmaker B 3x$370 =$1110

Both bookmakers are funded and I placed the bet on bookmaker A
And on trying to stake on bookmaker B and I got an error message that $370 is above the maximum stake,

It means that if the game loose in bookmaker A, ($630)
Bookmaker B that should have won couldn’t accept stake because of error of maximum stake.
Is there a way to avoid this kind of trouble?

This question is from the fear I had from


Have you read the sure betting e-book? This situation and othe risks is covered in the e-book, so make sure to read it if you haven’t done it yet. However, you should try to avoid getting “caught in the middle” by always confirming your bet on the bookmaker that you think is least willing to accept your bet first.

Also, If it still happens, never leave your uncovered bet open. Cover your bet as much as you can at another bookmaker. You might have to lock in a small loss of a few %, but that’s way better than losing your entire stake in a gamble if you leave your bet open.

Looking for another bookmaker where I’ll balance my bet requires another funding remember the initial bookmaker A and B has been adequately funded,
When I had that issue in, I didn’t have another money to fund another bookmaker,

Meanwhile, what I needed to hear is the list of capable bookmakers that’ll never commit such blunder against their customers,
So that I’ll work with them only.

Dear Hanna, kindly tell me,
If after configuring my account for value bet and I am seeing it in Eg.1xbet only

Am I free to open and be playing all the value bet that rebel betting value bet is showing with the name of 1xbet?
And get the same positive result I would have got in 1xbet.