My results after over 1000 bets

Hey guys!

Here are my results after over 1000 bets with valuebetting starter. I’m pretty happy overall with the results. I bet about 40-60 bets per day and even more in the weekends. My current bankroll and starting bankroll is the same 1500€. However i’ve only used about 1200€ because i had such a good start.

Options and filters:
Kelly 30%
Max stake 1.2% (was 1% before)
Value percentage: 3-99%
Odds: 1.4-2.4

I have 7 bookers currently bet365 being the main one. So how should i proceed? Should i change anything? Increase bankroll or max odds? I appreciate all the different suggestions!!

Thanks for sharing your current result! :slight_smile:

And congratulations on your good start. I suggest you just keep betting and try to turnover your bankroll as much as possible. More bets = more profit.

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