My valuebetting journey in Greek language


I started to make content for Greek speaking people via YouTube about my journey in valuebetting, using Rebelbetting, of course.
Here is the YouTube link:



How does RebelBetting detect value bets?

In the video I explain in general how the RebelBetting platform for finding value bets works.
After the mid-week drop, we have an upward trend as you will notice from the chart.
From now on I will do one video per week so that we can all follow the path to profit together.


How much profit can I make with Rebelbetting?

I use the Rebelbetting calculator so that you can figure out approximately how much profit you can make by valuebetting.
Below I explain how easy it is to place your bets with Rebelbetting’s service.
I also mentio how important it is to use the Tracker for each new bet we make.
See you again next week!

In today’s video I explain the example of a coin flip and how it helps us to understand the term value betting even better.
Do you know how value is calculated? You’ll have this question answered in the video.
I also clarify what other features Rebelbetting also takes into account.
Merry Christmas all over the world!

Happy New Year to all!
It is important to look valuebetting as a long-term way of winning.
What is common between variance in results versus sample size?
What should someone know once he/she starts valuebetting?
Answers to these questions in today’s video.

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Our valuebetting track record so far is very good as you will see from the chart in today’s video.
You will find in the video, the guide on how to bet using Rebelbetting’s valuebetting service.
I also explain in detail with steps the user settings you will find inside.
See you again in the next video! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice stuff mate

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In today’s video you will see at the beginning, what is the situation of my valuebetting journey.
After that I give you some tips, 9 steps in total, for beginners on value betting.
I believe that this video will help someone who are not familiar with valuebetting.
Have a good week all of you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Geia sou file xekinhsa ki egw prin 10 meres kai fenete poly dynato.AN paizeis apo ellada ti bookies paizeis?Kai pes paei me ta limits stis etairies?

Hello @xtc69. I write in English so all the members of the community will understand for what is about. I actually don’t use Greek recommended bookies, because I live abroad. You should choose some bookies that are available in Greece. I suggest you to take a look at all the videos till now that is in Greek language, to help you start with the valuebetting service.

Well im half limited in stoixhman and bet 365 and only one i have for now is 5 dimes .Not on pro rebebetting yet.I was wondering how sharp bookies work like pinnacle betinasia and sportmarket cause i cant use them yet.

It is possible also to do valuebetting with these sharps bookies via the Pro version if you can’t manage to have other soft bookmakers. Please take a look at the videos or guides here to help you with that.