Nearly 3000 bets result update

My results and some other info after almost 3000 bets. See my previous post for comparison,only on Facebook for now.

For my settings see below, some of them changed since my last post.

Value Betting Settings used:
Value: 1.5% - 10%
Odds: 1.50 - 2.80 (Changed from 1.2-2.2)

Hide Bets: Starting after 0.25 Days (In reallity only placing bets within 3hours)

On the bookmaker side it has been somechanges due to swedish regulations from January 1st the once I use now is:

888sport, Unibet, Bwin, Bet365, Interwetten, 10bet

Limits on: Bwin to 1 Eur/bet
Bet 365 to 3 EUR winnigs/bet
888sport on some markets to approx. 3 EUR/bet
(Unibet and 888sport use the same odds so
switched to Unibet instead)

Most of my turnover is on Bet365 even with the limit.

10bet sucks, most of the time I cant even reach the page. Do not know the reason.

I am now up to around 2900 bets and my graph has changed from slightly downwards to upwards with a few swings up. So I am happy with that.
Because of work and family my betting is very limited for now with majority of bets placed on saturdays and sundays and due to limitations my stake is close to flatestake at around 4-6 EUR in avarage.
See the results in the graph and in numbers it is around:

Starting Bank: 750 EUR
Profit: 190 EUR + bonuses
EV: 440EUR
Turnover: 13897 EUR

My plan now is to open accounts on more bookies, bag the bonuses using matched or arb betting and then use the bookies for valuebetting. All to get the numbers and turnover up.

I will come back with update as the bets (and hopefully the bankroll increase) :smile:

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