Need Help after 1110 bets

Hi All
Someone with more experience then me can help me please? After 1110 bets I am still at the same level , for sure I am doing something wrong but I can not understand!
Value 2.5-15.0
Odds 1.2-3.10
12 hours
Max stake 3.0

Thanks I will try your advice and let you know how will goes.

Value at 2,5 with 11 hours left is not recommended. That low value is ok with 3 hours left. 12 hours > 4%. 6 hours > 3%. 3 hours 2,5%. Personnally i rarely go below 3% regardless. Also 1000 bets is still early. Esport is my best game. Asian handicap seem to give least good results. Thats just what i think.


Please try to not draw any conclusions early on in your betting career. You will probably need a lot more data before you evaluate to change your strategy, so I recommend you to stick to the plan and don’t overthink it. You will need at least a couple of thousand bets before yield and EV are statistically significant.

If you need guidelines and help to check your settings, feel free to email support or contact me on the chat on our website.

1110, i assure you (i am a user like you), is nothing…
I have great results with 500 bets, then fell as an asteroid to almost nothing… then around 1500 bets, my ROI went up to 80%.
I think what is really hard is: when to take some money off?
This is the question that intrigues me… I will open a topic abou it now :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, I just thought I should check up on you. How’s everything going for you? :slight_smile:

That can be just variance. 1110 isn’t that much. Try using just ‘win’ bets on specific markets and you will probably see your variance decrease

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Thanks i will try, by the way i did few changes and now is better after 1600 bet i have recovered the loss