New B365 Account: my setup

Ola guys,

I’m picking up a couple new accounts later on today, namely a B365 account. I’ve had two accounts so far, and have only managed to get 340 bets out of them across both. Yield is 9.9%, obviously ran pretty well across both. For the first one, I initially deposited 200£, then 500£, avg bet size 25£. Gubbed after about 250 bets. The second account I experimented with a blitz approach, went to 1,000£ immediately and turned in over in less than an hour across about 15 bets. I reckon avg bet was about 50£, none under 30£. When a bet won, it was immediately turned over. Gubbed after about 90 bets, I’d say experiment failed.

This next account I’m paying for, so I want to keep this one open for as long as possible. I’m going to run through a few things, if you guys could let me know what you think, that’d be great.

Phone reset to factory settings, used solely for RB

New sim card

Opera Browser in incog mode (never used)

deposit 50£ for welcome bonus, run through that, then deposit 500£ a couple days later (perhaps too high?)

I don’t intend to mug bet, but can if we think that genuinely helps accounts (I’ll throw 10£ a week on some high RTP slot will high spins or something, maybe a wacky 5£ accumulator as well)

I’m thinking of back/laying long odds horses when I find decently close odds with enough liquidity in Betfair/Smarkets to try and ‘lose’ in B365, but I don’t know if this will actually help? Obviously if I spike one of these, it’s going to kill account life even further

Finally, for settings, I’m going to sort by time closest to match, as I think that’s more punterish

Can you guys advise on any further account lengthening practices? Also, has anyone had any luck reopening limited accounts using the right to be forgotten laws?


Smaller deposits under £249 per 7 days will do a better job of keeping you off the safer gambling radar which I think helps keep eyes off your account for longer. £5 Acca might help but one per week in a sea of value bets isn’t going to be that visble to traders. Close odds horses will probably hurt you more than help in my experience. Also the sign up bonus is only £30 now.

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That was very specific …“under £249 per 7 day…”. Can you share how you came to that insight?

@goosefronk Factory resetting the phone does not change the phones MAC address. It is possible for sites (and bad actors) to discern the MAC address, which acts as an unique fingerprint. Better to get rid of the phone and buy the cheapest phone you can find. and. that still has the capability of doing the job.

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yeah sure, I think I mentioned it in another thread a while back but Bet365 have fixed automatic limits on deposits for safer gambling reasons. If you deposit more than £250 within 7 days you’ll get a popup telling you next time you login and they’ll remove boosts from your account. The next warning will come at 1k depost in a month. If you don’t deposit for a while the boosts should come back but I’ve always felt if you trigger the automated message you’ve got a red flag (however minor it may be) and less attention is always better than more. This is all based on UK Bet365 btw, I don’t know if the thresholds are different in other countries.


Good stuff, thanks guys! I will try 200£ deposits, wait a week, add more in. Will be quite slow going I imagine for turnover but if it helps it helps! Will get a new phone as well.

Wil report back with how this account does in comparison to my blitz approach!

Also guys, what’s a good, punterish average stake? Thinking of going highest 50£ on short odds, between 40-30 on 2/2.99, and then between 10-20 on 3s+ (aiming for a rough average of 30 I suppose)

Mac addresses are not visible to bookmakers as far as you don’t download any mobile apps and always bet on sites, factory resetting your mobile is no different to clearing cookies and browser data/cache. The main thing that matters is IP addresses and the fact one is beating clv, the latter matters the most.

Save yourself the hassle of getting new devices :wink:

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My bet365 account was already limited so I’m planning to get another one.
If I use bet 365 on emulator with same Sim card, can they detect me?

Any update?