New Comer Arbitrage

i just want to start arb.
but various problems arose in my mind.

  1. What if bookie knows if I do ARB? I read from several sources that bookie will block an arber account. then what if I work with my friend to open two accounts with different login and e-wallet details, is this safe?
  2. What if we are late in placing a bet? ex: bet on bookie A and when wanting to bet on bookie B suddenly the odds change dramatically not according to the initial calculation, how to overcome this?
  3. can someone here prove their arb results so far with a screenshot?

thank you…


Great to hear that you are interested in getting started with arbitrage betting. We are happy to help you.

First of all, have you read the free e-book? Most questions are answered there:
Check it out.

If you have questions after reading the e-book, please check out our support page or email us and we’ll guide you further.


  1. Its Safe
  2. Cover your bets (such as livebetting, etc… google how to cover bets for more information)

3 I hope someone has an answer to 3