New release: Bet365 improvements and many requested features added

A new version of Value betting and Sure betting has been released, with a bunch of features requested by our members.

Bet365 major improvements

  • You should see much fewer expired odds now.
  • Deep links improved. Works for the majority of bets now.


Event names are now visible in the list of bets

This can be useful to quickly scan the list. Together with the remove button (see below), you can quickly remove matches you don’t want to bet on.


Option to hide low tier events (leagues/tournaments)

The hide low tier events option will decrease the number of bets significantly, but might help you stay under the radar. Note that some low tier leagues may still be shown due to different names and format across bookmakers.


Bet card moved to the right of the bet list (desktop only)

You can now monitor the bet list while you have a bet open.


Quick remove button (desktop only)

Hover over the bet and a remove button will show up (desktop only, not on mobile). Clicking this removes the bet without you having to click the bet first.
Bet will be hidden according to your “Hide bet” option.


Surebetting: Actual bet ROI visible

A sure bet ROI (value or profit percentage) is based on placing perfectly balanced stakes. Your stakes might differ from this because of rounding, or maximizing one side. This will result in another ROI, which is now visible in the BetTracker and in the bet details.


We now also display these stats on the BetTracker page (expand the statistics summary). Yield is your actual ROI, and “avg arb” is the avg percentage of logged sure bets (which will usually be slightly higher due to rounding).


More changes

  • Cashpoint is now back
  • Betvictor deep link fixed
  • Bet365 ice hockey rules has been updated
  • Bet365 .de added
  • Betano .cz added

Super super

That’s great news!
What is the reason that made you keep low tier tennis leagues in the filter?

There’s a technical answer to this, but it will improve over time. Probably hide ITF and Challenger when the “hide low tier” setting is activated.