New user from the UK

Hi All,

New user here from the UK.

I have been using the software for the first time tonight, and after filtering down the bookmakers I cannot use (due to the bookmaker not operating in the UK) some bookmakers, the ones that are left are not offering a great percentage on return, best I can find is 2.0%.

I am thinking that either I am doing something wrong or this is just not for UK Users.

I would appreciate any help towards this and if there are any UK users out there using this, please get in touch.

All the Best

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I’m not in the UK, but it’s probably because not many sportsevents going on at the moment. Due to lockdowns

Hi Revolt,

Many thanks for the comment and yes I will wait until normal service is resumed. It just appeared that the good odds was always for the bookmakers outside of the UK.

I hope you don’t mind but what type of bank roll are you doing for your bets? I am thinking of starting on £1000 and see how it goes.