Newbie Starting Out, Introduction, Strategy, Goal, Help!

I’m new to Rebel Betting and I’m hoping to start a long term profitable investment business. I wanted to share my strategy and I also wanted some insights to help speed up my learning curb.

I understand Value Betting and I have a degree in Maths which I want to make use of.

I currently have a Bankroll of £11,000 that I want to utilise.

My aim is to make £100,000 by multiplying my Bankroll by 1.7 every 3 months which I am hoping is possible.

I had some questions if anyone can advise me…

  1. I am planning to start with stakes of £50 to avoid being gubbed and to keep my variance low, is this a good strategy?

  2. What handful of bookmakers should I start with? Is it wise to start with a few or go all out. Is there a sweet spot to start with. I want thinking about 5 and then slowly adding more.

  3. There are some very obscure Value Bets generated on RB like 3rd Division Basketball in Bulgaria, should I bet on these matches? Or should I stick to well established leagues? IS there a way I can filter for high liquidity established leagues on RB?

  4. How should I fund betting accounts? should I do it per bet or dump some money to start with?

  5. What are the best times to place the bet timewise? AM/PM, specific times etc?, I’m in the UK and I’m planning to bet 40 times per day 7 days per week to maximise this opportunity.

  6. Should I go for the pro version straightaway, I’ve made up my mind that I’m going to give this a go no matter what. I’m ready for extreme downswings where my bankroll goes from £11k to £5k because I understand the math behind it. As long as I continue tossing coins with value I should make money over the long run.

  7. IS there any advice you can give to help me make the start…Any advice would be appreciated…

Thank You in advance

I suggest that you read through the help section.

Plenty of useful information there.
DO NOT put that bankroll into any single bookie. I would suggest to deposit maximum 1000£ into any single bookie or you will get gubbed.
Keeping stakes at 50£ will not stop you from being gubbed; besides it is a sub-optimal staking strategy. It is okay to start with 1-3 betting accounts. There are only a few major global odds providers for soft bookies. SB Tech and Kambi (spin-off from Unibet) are some of those providers. If you place the same bets but through different bookies it makes it easier for the providers to identify and gubb you.
Don’t go for the Pro straight off. Go with the free trial for two weeks and then decide.
RB usually have a promo on the subscription in the summer and for December when you ca get a better deal.
The main issue with your planned strategy (great that you planned!) is that no matter what you do to “stay under the radar”, you will eventually get gubbed. So this plan to growing the BR with 170% every 3 months will come to an abrupt halt.
Anyhow, enough of my rambling, someone else can answer the questions in a more structured way.
Good luck


One more thing that I forgot. If you gonna go for a free two week or a paid service I would suggest to wait until the football season starts next year.
Right now and until beginning next year there are not so many bets.

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Thank You for all the suggestions, may I message you privately for more coaching? Also I would be grateful if the moderators would chime in, it would give me a great deal of confidence, I want to make this work, I am determined to make this work…