No active subscription but still charged


I don’t have an active subscription but rebel betting is still charging me.

This is not a good sign from rebel betting

Wanted t to warn everyone on this site be careful and monitor bank charges as rebel betting continue to charge even when no active subscription and take money but don’t provide the service

Very worrying and feels suspicious


This is the second time

Further proof image below - and not had a response to my email

Of course we don’t charge without giving subscription time to your account. Do you really think that we would have been in the business for 11 years if that was the case?

Please contact support with all the details of your case and we will answer your email/chat within one business day.

Hi Bjorn,

Thanks for the response Hanna has also emailed me -
The screenshot shows my account has expired but my bank statements show a payment to clarobet Ab which is Rebel betting trading company.

I am happy to provide proof account has expired and proof from bank statements that the money has been debited from my account.

I’ve looked into this further now. It seems like you you have created two users; one with an active subscription and one with no active subscription.

You have logged in with the one that has no active subscription. This is why the screenshot shows that you have no active subscription, as you have logged in with the wrong user.