No Value bet for hours now

I currently have not received any value bets for about 4 hours now on all bookmakers. Is this a general problem with the server or just me?

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Me either…no one from 12a.m.

And the bet log doesn’t updates

Yeah exactly. was worried it was from my system, had to uninstall and install back the program. Guess we have to wait this one out.

Bet log and bets down again?

Yeah, same here again.

I heard that the pinnacle is down time so wait awhile

Currently the best VB company is rebelbetting so no point getting others . It’s cheap and value for money and most of the time the workers and bosses are working around the clock , they are the only one that’s “ cheap and good “


No value No party… even today there are problem

We’re currently looking into this. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience!

Should be up and running again now!


yes now thank you so much

no bets for Betonline for two days now, please check into

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pls check , is the value bet down again

10:50 GMT Time , Downtime again same Time every day.

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Yes…every day . Today is the third day.

VB is back to normal

web version works now for me!

The recent problems should not happen again. Sorry!

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