Not Happy (sure Betting)

Been doing this for two weeks now guys only managed to place 15 bets with a £32 profit so far.
Took a massive hit of £190 which they are looking at for over a week but still not got back to me i find the service not very good from rebel as every query refers for me looking at the ebook.
Every time a sure bet comes up within seconds the odds change especially horse racing finding this almost impossible to place a bet for the last 5 days.
Might go onto value betting any words of advice guys?
thanks in advance

Sorry to hear that you’re unhappy. Our experts are looking into what could have happened.

Note that you have the responsibility to double-check the arbitrage bet before placing it. When sure betting losses aren’t normal (it is called sure betting for a reason), so I am sure we’ll find an explanation as to why this happened. The e-book is a great source of knowledge, and I advise you to read it.

The sure betting help section also covers a lot of frequently asked questions.

Please also see the email I wrote to you today. Our support team are always ready to help if you need guidance.