Over Under Market

I have 6000 bets, of these 2000 are in Over/Under market and my result are -2.7%.
I think 2000 bets are a good number to hava an idea.
I bet just 2% more value, and odds 1.30 to 4.00
There are anyone with good results in this market?


I am currently -2.9% on 789 OU bets. However, three days ago I was -4.4% after 733 bets so it’s looking a little better.
Björn, the CEO and founder posted this yesterday:
I just checked some community stats and with more than 90,000 O/U bets on football, the yield is positive but a bit lower then on other markets such as 3-way and AH. So there is still value to be made on O/U

So hang in there, in the long run you should make a profit. I am being a little bit careful though and have halved all my stakes on OU.


Which bookie you lost the most?

BetCris, but just 500 bets. i have good win in bwin, bet365 and marathon bet

I too stopped market O/U market one month ago . Almost without profit.

O/U market produce me the smallest return by far. but i still got green

currently losing so much on 10bet (only 461 sample size) rugby and ice hockey (majority of their bet is OU market)

o/u are my most profitable bets so far, after 1470 bets in total

o/u +188
ah -79
threeway -260
win +162