Over/under market

Hi there
M just starting with rebel. Great atmosphere here.
I don’t know if i can make any suggestion here or not. Apologise if not.
For over under i can only see the goal line. I assume there ain’t any over or under for the corners which is quite popular market.
Will rb plan to add cornet value betting?
I m looking forward to see this in filter

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I might be wrong but I haven’t noticed a Corner Market on Bet365, so I don’t know how useful it will be. What bookmakers offer corner betting???

Obviously u don’t use b365

You know when a value bet comes out I rush to get it at full value so don’t look at all the bets available.

It seems total corners would rely a lot on luck!

I’ve just looked at the Fulham v Liverpool match and couldn’t find any Corners Market, could you have a look and tell me what heading it’s under?

The corner market will be available 24 hrs - 48 hrs before kick off.