Patterns for when bookies release odds?

I was wondering if there is any patterns for when bookies usually release their bets.

The thought is that newer odds are more unpolished thus more exploitable.

I agree with you. I don’t have the information for when bookies usually release or create the opening odds. It varies I guess for each bookmaker. There is a nice historical data of the odds at oddsportal, maybe worth to check it out if you haven’t already.

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maybe a better question is when most arb/value bet opportunities come up in the program so that we know which hours of the day are best allocated for monitoring the program

If I am not mistaken odds are calculated 24/7 in every hour by different bookmakers. Market dictates, sport events are up and running all day long. This triggers new matches, odds continuously. The software pulls the data with some delay and certainly there is no pause. Therefor there is no sweet period to capture the change in odds.

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Not sure if this helps. This is the relative number of unique value bets placed during which hour of day. UTC timezone.
Of course, this might be more correlated to when users are active than when value bets appear.

But it will vary a lot depending on bookmaker, so it’s probably better to analyze your favorite bookmakers.