Poor poor December?


the last two months have been great, but now it looks like December is going to get a little worse.

how do you have others?

hi - I only started end of November, and I guess that is good (and bad!) to know…

I’m nearly 1500 bets in, and am below zero. I expected a degree of variance, but I thought by now my profits would at least have a vague correlation with the CLV line. I don’t think there’s anything wrong in my settings, it’s just a case of a bad ratio of winning to losing bets. I don’t think I’m willing to put additional funds in to this, so I’ll just have to see how it plays out with a smaller bankroll and hope things turn. I guess I am an outlier, but it would be really helpful to see user results on a more regular basis to see what the combined results looks like on e.g. a weekly basis.

Struggling to keep the faith right now!

My last 3month.
December looks the same as yours, but luckily this year is still left.:wink:

overall, I like your chart a lot more than mine, at least it’s broadly following the CLV line!


I’m sorry to see that you have been a bit unlucky and had a rough start. I believe you still need a bigger sample size of bets to reduce the variance. Please read more about why the volume of bets matters. Also, you can do your own simulations here if you like.

If you have had a bad start, you are eligible for a free month - again and again until you profit. Have you read about our profit guarantee?