Preventing Limits or Cutoff

Can anyone comment on whether the size of the bet is more important than volume in regards to getting cut off. For example should bet size be capped at a certain amount to prevent getting limited or banned. This is one topic that is holding me back from starting up.

I just asked the same question it seems it would make more sense to make a larger bet than several small ones but is this something that would get us cut off?

Nobody (except for the bookmaker itself) knows why, when or if a bookmaker limits you. There is no ‘general’ rule here. People get limited differently fast on the same bookmakers.

Also please check out this blog post on how to avoid bookmaker limitations.

I personally think that the bet size/ what market you bet on is secondary with getting limited at the bookmakers. I think the strongest contributing factor of getting limited is that you always bet when the odds are at their highest or at least higher than the average odds in that market.