Problem: Tracker does not update

My stats does not updated properly so I cannot continue because calculations for stakes are wrong.

Is there anyone having this problem?

I only 18 open bets not 146 (I tried with Edge and Chrome brosers)

It seems better here

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I have the same problem, countless of pending and unsettled bets since yesterday. This is a huge issue and waste of time. I hope it gets fixed asap. @Simon
And also the tracker has other problems: when I try to manually put the result often it stuck and i have to reload the page and do it again. Another huge waste of time. This issues need to be addressed given the amount of money we pay monthly

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Same problem here. I am here for the first month and issues like this not looking good at all

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Yes, I got over 50 bets that have already been settled but the tracker does not update. I think a discount/refund would be pretty reasonable since the program we paid for clearly doesn’t work and it makes betting much more time-consuming.

Now I see settled bets as win or lose but all of them show 0 profit or loss
Update: now its fixed

Not fixed for me…

Still not fixed for me, it seemed some bets were settled in the tracker but then tens of other bets are still pending even tough the games finished hours ago

I have the same problem I ended up being harmed by the variation

Now I have to spend hours to manually check the results of almost 100 bets and update the tracker so that I don’t mess up my staking plan. Hope that it gets fixed asap and for some form of compensation @Simon @Lars Please update us on the situation

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same problem

Problem remains. Tracker not updated.
I stopped for today when I saw it again.

Cmon now, I have more than 100 unsettled bets and I can’t really spend any more time to manually check the results so I have to stop using the service (and not earning money) until you fix it. Where’s the customer service at times like these? I probably also lost money (I see less balance in the bookies accounts) because my staking plan wasn’t updated because of the faulty tracker.
I hope you’ll make it up somehow.

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It does not feel good that rebel betting is so bad at communicating. When the system does not work, it is extremely important that we know what is happening. I’m starting to regret that I started using this service. And I agree with Alessandro

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