Question about variance

hello mate…it seems that I am not doing something right?? It’s my scond day in valuebetting and I have already lost 40 euros…Is that natural??

it might be and might not be! this weeked i lost too! hard saturday! but what configurations you use? i can guive you mine and they have been working in the long run for me! made 400 out of 20 and just got my odd reduced from 1xbet yesterday so i must be doing someting right! so i use this for soccer : odds from 1,4 to 2,5 and bets 3h before game stars and edges of 2%+! (not betting in small odds and smaller edges helps reducing the variance!) and then for basket and hokey i use same odds and edges but the only difference is that i place bets 6 hours before! hope this helps you!

@Lefteris_Exakoustidi Hang in there! Two days is not a lot. Please read this blog post:

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You need at least one month to see how it goes. Small multiple bets are the way to go and it will reduce the variance. One tip is to check your Betfair commission settings, it should be at 5% and do not ever use a freebie or low offer on Betfair as it takes the edge off your RB bets. You are logged into BF when running the software and it is easy to lose the edge.

Value betting needs persistence but it does work over time.

Seriously??? I play 10 euro bets and in one day i can be down 200 or more. Using RB 5 weeks. My Bet365 start was -400 and now im up like 700 euro.
Be patient!