Question for community regarding limiting

I’m relatively new to this (been at it for 4-5 months). I’ve placed several thousand bets so far, but the bulk of my wagers have been made with just two bookmakers, as the others that are available to me rarely have value bets pop up. I have an ROI of 356% and 234% with those two bookmakers, and so far I haven’t been limited by either. I bet on nearly every league that I can, although I limit my betting on youth leagues as much as possible, and I round my bets to the nearest $5. I’m worried that I’m suddenly going to get limited as I continue to turn a profit with these bookmakers.

I was limited by Unibet, but that happened almost immediately. It’s unfortunate, because nearly every value bet that rebel displays is accurate and timely. I may have done something to get on their radar early on, but after doing a bit of research it seems that they’re quick to limit most people.

My question is have any of you been able to keep from being limited for a long amount of time with your main bookmakers (the ones that you primarily place bets with)? If so, are there specific guidelines that you stick to to stay off their radars? Rebel has proven to be pretty consistent so far, but I still question whether or not I can do this long term due to the potential of being limited. Thanks in advance.

Its just matter of time all soft bookies accounts get limited. Moving to exchanges but less edges