Question: More open bets on Bet365 than on BetTracker?

Hi, since yesterday I have 25 open bets on Bet365 and 11 on the Bettracker.

Is this normal and just to wait for to be settled?


Was it mostly tennis?

Some bets are difficult for us to settle with high accuracy. This is mostly affecting tennis bets where a player withdraws due to injury. Bookmakers will grade the bets differently from each other depending on their tennis rules. To decrease the risk of grading wrong, we have currently chosen to leave these as pending for manual grading.

To see all bets which have finished but failed to grade select “Unsettled” in the “Show” dropdown at the bottom of the BetTracker.

It’s the opposite. You have settled 14 matches in the bettracker that is still open in my Bet365 account.

Exampel. Cologne II vs Rot Weiss Ahlen
AH -05 Cologne II
It a win in the Tracker but still open at Bet365.

It’s soccer matches (asian) and Over/under)

Ah I see. Have you checked if the settlement is correct? It should be. Bet365 might just be slow.

We get our match settlements from another provider, not from Bet365. That’s why we can sometimes be faster.

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