Questions as a new user!

Hi RB community! Very happy to be here.

I’m new to this, and have came across such service through online videos, am quite interested to find out more before I start investing.

  1. I’m from Singapore, is anyone here from Singapore, or knows which bookmakers are available in my country?

  2. How much is the initial investment amount?

  3. I’m afraid it is quite complicated to get things started (i.e how to toggle around the betting sites, within RB interfaces and the bookmakers site, etc…). Is there a concise tutorial on this?

  4. Main differences between SureBetting, and ValueBetting? I’m still quite unclear after reading the contents on the homepage.

Thanks, and hope to hear from everyone soon. Have a blessed 2020!

Sure betting - Minimum initial investment when starting is around 1,000 EUR
Value betting - Minimum initial investment when starting is around 500 EUR.

I’m a Value bet user, I have one tab for the web version of the value bet software, then I have my other bookies open in other tabs. When a value bet pops up you get a link to the bookie with the game/bet. I use a tab reloader so my tab doesn’t get inactivated and my session signed out.