RB 3 weeks result over 2000 bets

Results so far after 3 weeks placing 2000 bets.

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Nice results! How many bet365 accounts did use?

I am currently on just 1 bet365 account.

Nice amount of bets in three weeks!

Wow that’s insane, wish mine last that long

I have had my bet365 account for over a year. Initially lost betting on it and left it dormant for a few months Then restarted VB on it 3 weeks ago, so i think the idea of not starting VB immediately on a fresh bet365 account works. Once you open a new account, your first few bets are analysed to determine if your a punter or not i think

yeah. Average about 50-100 bets daily. I place bets randomly throughout the day

Update after 24 hours :sweat_smile:.

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It seems spooky how many newbies have a fantastic start, I did too ! Hope it continues my friend

Ha-ha… Agree.
I had a lousy start!

:grinning:yup. Still going positive.

It s great when we are on the upward trajectory…the real test comes when 7+ days you see the opposite happen , losing every day …and you go in the red zone :slight_smile: and you are frantic wondering what you have done wrong …this is what hardened users know as " variance " :)…and I guarantee at some point you will experience it Mate. Dont know when, but it defo come. SO enjoy the ups !

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I don’t know how you make those profits at bet365. I have not been earning anything since December 15th

Your graph isn’t too far off mine tbh. January was a rough ride but finished marginally up. The CLV is catching up with you though so it’ll turn round eventually!

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Update after 2.5 months of value betting.

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can you share your settings please mate? and what was your starting bankroll?

I love seeing results after significant number of bets placed (5k mark)

Anticipating your 10k mark, Goodluck.