Reflections on the draw down and broker

… I am studying the functioning of Value bets to evaluate the risks associated with them … I found not much training material but my little experience I would say that the Risks associated with Value bets are:

  1. the Draw Down (I am trying the Demo version of Rebel CalyeBetting but in the Statistics Reports it is not specified what is the negative variance of the trend of a Track Record;
  2. the fact that the SoftWare Works and that you actually find value bets;
  3. the limitation of the Books (in this regard the only possibility is to bet on the Brokers but since in the Tryal version of the SoftWare there is no such possibility if it is really possible to do it with odds advantages similar to those of the Book);
    … all of the above, I would have some Questions: a) can the Draw Down Expectation be statistically calculated ??? (I imagine that if you can calculate the profit expectation you will also be able to calculate the Draw Down expectation);
    b) If you can calculate the Draw Down Expectation, can anyone tell me a Tool or a site where this is done ??? (on Rebel I don’t think there is this function);
  4. Does anyone use Brockers to do Value Betting ??? there are 100 matches a day with valuable odds that you can really play with Stake of at least € 50 ???
    THANK YOU!!!

Here is a good article about max drawdown.

We are also working on a calculator that will be added to our products at a later date, where you can play around with different strategies and see the max and average drawdown.


… I am an Italian user and I live in Italy … on the site I just can’t enter … anyway thanks for your attention … if I can afford I would also add the DrawDown value immediately in the statistics of the profit Tracker (this feature should be very easy for you to implement)

Really interesting subject.
Simon we are waiting for this option!

That what I talking about.Do it Man