Requests from Chinese Users for ValueBetting

I’ve been subscribing to value betting for some time. Because many bankers have not added support to Chinese websites, I can only use translators to translate the name of the competition before looking for it. It’s a waste of time. So much so that I lost many contests that had translated their names.

I hope to add Chinese websites for Chinese players (websites that can be accessed by VPN or not).

I know there are many websites, but many websites we can’t access. You just need to provide the Chinese domain names of Bet 365, SBO, Marathon Bet, 188bet, Pinnacle, 10bet and so on.

Thank you!

We really want to add better support for our Chinese users. But just adding the domains won’t be enough. We also need someone to help us translate participant and event names from Chinese to English. So we can match them and find value- and surebets.

This will take significant time and resources, and we will need the help of someone that knows Chinese.

I would like to help. It would save a lot of things if we could translate the name of the competition directly into our language. But in fact, we don’t need to translate the name of the competition. We just need to pop up the corresponding Chinese web page. Then I can find the competition directly through the name of the competition on the corresponding Chinese web page.

Sorry, I said “we”. We Chinese like to use this word. In fact, “we” refers to Chinese people.:joy:

eeee,filter same time,same League, and auto translate, It’s have a little bit easy to match.