[Resolved] Email ghosting no reply for weeks

I have been waiting for a reply on email for several weeks and no response yet. I really hope this is not an attempt to eat in my free month similar to what happened when I wasn’t refunded. Screenshotting this thread too.

Hello, sorry for that. It’s been a busy few weeks as there are some new features otw so the guys have been busy and Rebel’s currently understaffed, please try contacting support again via appropriate channels, the community is the slowest medium to reach support.


We answer all emails. Let me check what could have happened in this case. I know you have been in contact with us before, so please have a little more patience and we´ll get back to you.

We do not practice ghosting! :blush:

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30% combounding returns per month, yet understaffed. Cambridge dictionary defines this phenomenon as ‘dodgy’.

At least that was what said some weeks back, might’ve changed.

Your query must’ve been resolved by now, yeah?

Keep on betting and you will exceed 30% monthly :blush:.

Don’t confuse member profits with RebelBetting company profits. We don’t take a revenue share of member profits, we only take a flat price.

(If we did, we’d be swimming in money and would have 50 employees by now :joy:)

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