Restricted on Unibet and 32Red within 48 hours

Hi all,

Been restricted on Unibet and 32Red within 48 hours, has anyone else experienced this on these bookmakers? Not sure if its the types of bets i’m getting on or if these bookies are notoriously fast to restrict.


it is now the norm in almost all books

I have never had any Unibet account restricted within days… so I don’t agree that is the norm.

It’s becoming the norm mate, accounts are getting gubbed in 24 hours or less, this days if an account last a week, I’m grateful.

My accounts last for weeks and sometimes months…

I guess I’m just unlucky then🥲

I used Unibet and the clone. I can confirm that they limit real fast, normally within one or two days.

Of course, once you are limited on one Kambi bookie then all the others will limit fast. They share the same odds provider.
We are aiming for maximum value extraction, not maximum duration.