Restricted & Un-restricted stakes

How do people go about adjusting stake size where you have some bookies that you are stake limited on and not others? For example, the stake size recommendation might be £30 for a bet on bet365 but due to limiting you can only place say £5. But then on another bookie, say 10bet, for a different bet, you are able to place the recommended stake size of £30. How do you go about navigating this? Do you just place the max you can on the limited accounts and then meet the recommendation on the non-limited accounts…? Or do you reduce the betting size on the non-limited accounts to meet the restricted stake size?

I place the maximum stake allowed where I’m limited and keep the recommended stake everywhere else. Not worth placing a value bet with small stakes, make it count!

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You should also change the option in RB so that after one logged bet the event still is active on the other bookies and markets.


This can help to place more low stake bets iwith the restricted bookies.

Great thanks, didn’t know that was a feature. How does the variance come into play in this respect though? Because surely if there is quite a disparity between stake sizes, then the outcome of the higher stake bets will heavily influence profit - and if you get unlucky with the higher stake bets in comparison to the lower…?