Result after 490

Result after 490
With this option

Is this negative trend normal? I got off to a good start but now I’m going really badly, am I wrong? or is it just bad luck? any advice would be valuable to me!

Hi and welcome! 500 bets is not much at all, so probably just a normal downswing. Note that your yield is still positive. What bookmakers are you using? Be careful using sharps.

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I am using Giocodigitale bet365 williamhill (I get value only on basketball, is this normal?) Betclic bookmakerEu and I would like to use planetwin365, paddypower, unibet, leovegas, 888 but they don’t work, I don’t get anything from these.
Soon I will start using SBO, are there any other Sharp?
often I receive few value so I am forced to live with my smartphone, is it normal to receive so few?
the situation improves over the weekend

small update after 1000 bets. my roi is up but I have some really annoying downward peaks, can anyone help me avoid this? I’m using the web app, maybe with software things could improve?

A 2.26% yield is not bad even thought it’s annoying that it’s 2,75 points below EV. In theory, +2,75 is just as likely, giving a 7,75% yield.

You will always have downswings, but here are our tips for reducing variance.

Luigi, please post some screenshots from the “Tracker” tab to see your betting stakes

This is my situation after 6 days and 210 bets.
It’s all normal or I’m doing something wrong?

it’s very normal. You should expect results doing the same thing about 30 days or more by doing at least 1000 bets. Remember this is about volume and you are taking 3.74% of profit according to your expected profit, but to reflect that percentage you need to rule out the variance. The only way to do that is by growing your betting sample size

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Tanks, so I’m trying growing up my bets’s volume.

hello Simon, can I reduce the difference by setting the start time to half a day?