Results after 1k bets

Hello everyone,

here are my results after 1k bets, I started with the starter about a month ago. Tried to stick with around 50 bets/day even tho I have not been great a few weekdays.
Had difficulties at the beginning but with a few good runs I manage to go forward and find myself with 1.1k profit started with 800€ !! Amazing but I really think variance didn’t hit me yet. They say Yield should tend around the CLV % but is it sure ? So does it mean in the long term I am suppose to lose to find myself around 2.56% yield ?

I now try my best to avoidgetting restricted on any bookmakers, I think I still have margin but really want to put all my chances to last the longest:
i) I’ve rounded my stake to 5 units to avoid the bets I used to have of 11€ or 13€ which don’t make sense and help not stay under the radar.
ii) I never withdrawal my money either, because that’s the last thing bookmakers want. Pretty scary to have such amount online but trust the process.
iii) Keep track with a basic spreedsheat of all deposits and withdrawals I did before started valuebetting to know what kind of bettor the bookmakers think I am. So I try to play on the bookmakers I lost the most in the lasts years.
iv) Any tips to avoid it are very welcome… :slight_smile:

To anyone hesitating, I tried a few valuebetting software (like BreakingBet which is very cheap) but RebelBetting is completely worth it. Just look at the results.


Great great great results mate, try to keep the same energy when variance hits.

The fact that you had a history of mug Betting on your current bookmaker accounts is a plus, they must’ve have grouped you into that pool of mug bettors already so my advice is; make the most of that by placing a lot of bets in the shortest time possible to maximize profit as prolonging account life won’t do you much good, besides your subscription is running 24/7 so make the most of it.