results after 500 bets.. is this normal?

Hyggelig med flere nordmenn her inne!
Får ta resten på engelsk:

Guess you joined RB on a really bad time. My last 500 bets looks pretty similar. Let’s hope it’s just variance, and not that it’s RB failing to find value.

Ja er få av oss nordmenn. Noe som kanskje kan være bra med tanke på at value og arbitrage ikke er så utbredt i Norge🤔

What are your results, traktoregg?

Which bookmakers do you use?

I suggest not to draw conslusions after 500 bet. In short term the figures are misleading… For instance I had the same yield in the first half of June and it turned around by the end of month. Check it again after 2000, 4000 etc. bets. The only concern is that it’s difficult to get thousands of bets in summer time unless you bet at 5 bookmakers or more.

Started in the end of May. Peaked at 7200 NOK after a couple of weeks. Understood that it wasn’t sustainable, but were surprised that I lost almost eveything in a couple of days. Right now I’m at + 2200 NOK after about 2700 bets.

I’m using Unibet, Comeon, NordicBet, 1xbet and Norsk Tipping. I have been limited at Unibet and Comeon, so I use clones of them nok (Mr Green and Hopa).

How do you access 1xbet from norway?

And Also mr. Green and hopa, are They available in norway?

I’m using a clone, 22bet. Think it’s possible to use 1xbit as well, but not sure.

And yes, Mr Green and Hopa is available in Norway. I have been using this site to look for available clones:

Thanks for the advice. I went from -26% to -14% in under 24 hours!! I guess you Also have made some progress now?

Yes, the last week I’m a little above CLV.