Results after 5000+ Bets - £9K profit after recent downturn

Been doing this around 3 months now. I’ve used all the bookies I’ve been able to, been restricted on almost all of them but still have a Bet365 account available which I’ll use until I’m restricted. After I’m restricted with Bet365 I may then look at Sharp bookies, or just stop completely.

Results speak for themselves. I’ve made £9K profit over 3 months whilst doing this at home. Never been involved with something in the gambling industry that has made me a significant profit over a short time like Value Betting has.

That said, the last 3-4 weeks have been very frustrating with a persistent downswing and no sign of recovery. I was up to £10,600 at one point and it has been downhill since then. I haven’t changed any of the settings the whole time I have been Value Betting. Not sure if anyone can think of a reason for the recent downswing? I appreciate variance will have a part to play but this particular downswing does not seem to have an end.

I’ve upgraded to the new Pro version of Value Betting. Not really any exchange bets to note and seems to be a few glitches with very high value bets, which when going to the bookmaker site the odds are even higher than the odds on Value Betting. I will try and eek out any remaining profit and then will re-assess what to do.

Overall, would thoroughly recommend Value Betting!


Hey nkinfy2003, I gotta say your results look impressive. Do you mind telling us or sharing the page that shows your best performing bookies? Thanks.

then i have the wrong bookies
uniber/partypoker/sbobet/bet in asia/pinnacle/betway


No problem, I have added details for the profit with different bookmakers, sports and markets:

Bookmaker Count Sum of StakeBaseCurrency Sum of ProfitBaseCurrency Yield
Bet365 2820 £144,016.12 £5,055.48 3.5%
_888sport 1113 £22,947.14 £1,377.39 6.0%
BWin 391 £8,723.94 £307.04 3.5%
Unibet 353 £6,337.80 £1,031.00 16.3%
WilliamHill 309 £9,882.66 £876.88 8.9%
Coral 80 £2,254.00 -£135.87 -6.0%
_10Bet 48 £1,940.00 £343.30 17.7%
BetClic 21 £1,100.00 £76.00 6.9%
Novibet 18 £715.00 £228.65 32.0%
SBO 18 £328.00 -£66.72 -20.3%
Sportingbet 18 £415.00 £73.10 17.6%
Ladbrokes 13 £364.35 £118.90 32.6%
LeoVegas 10 £171.06 £79.86 46.7%
Panbet 7 £145.00 -£46.60 -32.1%
_188Bet 2 £20.00 -£20.00 -100.0%
BoyleSports 2 £50.00 -£50.00 -100.0%
BetISN 1 £20.00 -£20.00 -100.0%
JenningsBet 1 £50.00 £42.50 85.0%
Sport Count Sum of StakeBaseCurrency Sum of ProfitBaseCurrency Yield
Soccer 2504 £82,962.81 £3,995.45 4.8%
Basketball 1147 £50,448.50 £2,006.99 4.0%
Hockey 616 £30,593.32 £1,461.17 4.8%
Tennis 469 £18,434.62 £486.30 2.6%
ESport 247 £8,782.61 £1,267.34 14.4%
AMFootball 132 £5,565.14 -£128.41 -2.3%
Baseball 101 £2,382.21 £105.26 4.4%
RugbyLeague 5 £125.86 £98.39 78.2%
RugbyUnion 4 £185.00 -£21.60 -11.7%
OddsType Count Sum of StakeBaseCurrency Sum of ProfitBaseCurrency Yield
AsianHandicap 1876 £85,655.33 £1,364.91 1.6%
OverUnder 1707 £59,969.48 £2,346.52 3.9%
Win 826 £35,034.09 £4,436.61 12.7%
Threeway 816 £18,821.17 £1,122.85 6.0%

Amazing Result, how much Bankroll did you start with to get a £9K profit? and with how many Bookies? Mind sharing? Tq

look strange for me
i have with unibet -0.7% maybe another software…

If your account gets restricted, can you use your friend’s ID to create a new account and start a fresh betting again?


I started with a £2k bankroll and increased this to £4k after about a month, so my max bets were £80.

The bookies I used are listed above. I basically used as many as I could. Some were restricted very quickly, others took longer. I mean you could in theory start an account with a friends ID but that would be against the bookmakers rules and you would need to use your friends bank account, some bookmakers will want to see a copy of your friends utility bill and bank statements to verify their identity.

I didn’t use UnitBet after November as I was restricted. December is when the downturn hit for me, if I was using UniBet in December I imagine I would of had a much lower yield.

after 6500 bets

i am happy that in overs 2.5 goals trading i will have a yield from 10-12% 650 bets