Results New Member 100-400 Bets

So these are my results so far, can’t lie with each new trade I’m worrying a tad bit more. First 60 trades or so I was ignoring kellybooks and my settings were really off so I was in the hole pretty quickly. After reading the forums and adjusting settings things quickly improved, unfortunately right now seems like I’m just going down a little losing streak; the yield% is increasing which is a good sign.

I do believe in the numbers and the system so I will continue to push on. Since I’m in Canada I can only use about 9 bookies, so far haven’t been limited on any. I’m sticking with the settings I posted below, I’ll update when I get to 1000 bets. I’d really love to hear of any recommendations. Thanks!!

I am just testing currently without updating current bankroll. I had a downtime in first days and currently i am up. Here are my settings:

Those are actually pretty good results, are you still betting I’d love to know how its going for you