Reviews for some bookies from a high restriction country

Hi I’ve been using RebelBetting valuebetting for a month and it’s been a very pleasant experience for me. I’ve been placed over 1100 bets and made some profits not so many though. But I feel the real pleasure of this is making steady money through gambbling so amazing !

Unfortunately I’m living in China a country with high restriction. I have to use VPN to register bookie accounts and most European bookies don’t support a payment for me. For that I can’t use popular bookies like bet365 or Williamhill… I tried so many bookies and a few works for me and here are my reviews if u r also from a place with high restrictions may be helpful.

188bet: Great bookie. UK bookie but supports Chinese bank account(I heard the owner is Chinese?) I’ve been using it for a month with main profits on it.Never limit my stakes or cut my odds. Down side is not so juicy. With reliable 15 value bets in weekday and 30 on weekend. But anyway I definitely will keep using it.

1xbet: It got terrible reputation but like I said I didn’t have many choices so I tried it. They are insanely juciy and bitcoin supportive. But then they cut my odds soon and the crazy part is I can still keep vaulebetting even so cause the original odds were so high! At the end after I read more stories from users about 1xbet I decided to stop before I made a big profit cause they would scam. And yes they did try to stop my withdrawal and asked me to do some ridiculous verifications but I got lucky got my money back. So the advice is no and never use it. It is not an honest bookie!

Marathonbet: I saw it on the recommend list but I got limited on maximum stake 1.66CNY only after 40 bets while I was during the loss. Freakingly tightfisted!

BookmakerEU: Great service only electronic money supportive. But only a few value bets a day and when I realized my bitcoin rasies faster than betting on it I stopped using it.

SBO: Also crazily juicy I could bet 50 just in weekday. But only after 3 days I find it started to cut my odds and limits my stake to only 50CNY. So also goodbye.

Dafabet/Betonline: Never saw one valuebet in a month.

About Betinasia , I found it really interesting since it’s a trader for many asain bookies means they got your money and place bets for you. Then you don’t need to worry about limitation. But after I used it I got many problems.
One is Valuebetting barely match the real odds. Usually the odds are expired 10 or 20 minutes ago. I can only make one bet out of 10 recommendation.
Then sometimes I can’t place the exact money. Like I placed 4 euros and always told me it faild or I placed 8 euros then it told me only 5 euros are placed.
If those problems got solved I think Betinasia could be the perfect site for Vaulebetting. Unfortunately not now.
That’s basically all my experiences and if anyone has other bookies to suggest would be lovely.


hi. interresting read. thank u.
i also use 188bet. i do get some bets from them, but i dont think im getting as many as u do. i see that u live in china… i was wondering what hours in the day you are doing your betting?. the time right now is 16.38 in norway (where i am), and i guess the time is 23.38 in china. im just asking because it would be interresting to know if the reason for u getting so many bets from 188bet, could be that you are betting on a different schedule than me.

Normally on weekdays I received around 12 value bets on 188bet during 4-6 pm here and I could get a few maybe one per hour until 0 am.
Also I set time to match start at most 12 hours could also be one factor.

aha. 12 hours to start might be the reason then:) thanks and good luck!