Right to be forgotten - using EU privacy law against betting website blocking someone

Hi everyone!

I have a question, it looks like I have already been limited in a website. I have a question, I think that EU privacy laws and right to be forgotten should give us the power to ask the website to remove any personal information about us they have/have shared (especially after we delete an account). Even though I don’t know what time frame would they have to comply…

Has anyone tried this? I don’t think I’d try to join this website again, but I hope this would limit the possibility of the website talking with other websites…

To find info about this just look for “Can I ask a company to delete my personal data?” on google, and look for the link on the european commission website.

If this might help us, I think it would be a useful thing to add to this website :wink:

Have you checked the fine print when you became a customer of the betting company?

Nope, that’s why I am asking here.

But I can tell you that in my work I handle data and privacy related problems (from a technical side, I’m not a lawyer) and I have read of numerous cases where a fine print wasn’t deemed enough by a judge (typically resulting in huge fines for big companies selling data to advertisers and similar).

The reason is that privacy and being forgotten are rights under EU law, so companies can’t just fine print stuff: the bar is typically set to “it is obvious to a normal user that such and such are going to happen to the data/sensitive information” (where such and such are in conflict with the above mentioned rights).

After withdrawing money I’ll send a request for data removal, I’ll let you know how it goes.

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I don’t think the books deal with the actual names of the players, they take it as an account number. Rather, they clearly have algorithms and different departments to profile players. If someone is risky for them, they will set limits and if the threat increases, they will close the account completely. On the contrary, Pinnacle will probably only be happy if it can have players who beat its CLV for a long time. But it will be more like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Great. Thank you for bringing this topic up.

The guy who runs Winnerodds took Bet365 to court over this in Spain. They won the case on right to be forgotten. Bet365 claimed they needed the information for money laundering reasons. The outcome is rather interesting in that Bet365 are allowed to keep the information for Money laundering, but cannot use it to check if a Punter had previously had a BEt365 account following a right-to-be-forgotten data clearance. Would be great to be involved in any case.

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