Rounding Bets and Non Standard Leagues?

Just in my first week of Rebel Betting Value Betting.
Literally been betting on everything that pops up.

I have been doing bets of £3, £5, £7 etc however, i think i am right in saying i really should be doing £5 and £10 not the odd ones like £3.
Is that correct? Do i round down or up to the nearest £5? My bankroll is currently £600 and so far just under £200 Profit, so pretty pleased so far.

Also, i see mentioned do not bet on weird league stuff.
How do i know what is weird and if i do that, i would literally have next to no bets to place, so what would be the point?



Bet everything, round to nearest 5, eg if 7 is recommended, stake 5, if 8 is recommended, stake 10. Volume over anything

Was hoping you would say that :slight_smile:
Cheers matey

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