Sharp bookmakers +6% value?

Why they say that sharp bookmakers have 1-2 yield when I find 6%+ value often?
Where is the catch?

The catch is that have you managed to find that bet on BIA? With odds, and/or market unchanged?

Not really, I don’t have an account.
Is it really difficult? They disappear? That way, it would make sense.
Is it still worth it to make an account at BIA?

I would not put money in BIA as long as you have access to soft bookmakers, especially Bet365.

I had a week trial with BIA ( didnt use real money thank God) …I think they should be re-named BS :slight_smile: Never once got a bet down You have only got a chance of getting the displayed odds is you are betting on events 4 days + away, and even then, its only a chance. I think people have AI putting money down, because humans havent a chance of catching their displayed odds. Id only use them for the Exchange if I had no alternatives, because at least the odds are sometimes availabe.

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