Software version or web version?

Hi comunity!

Just first day with rebel, have a question which version to use web or software ? Or they 100% same ?

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Not 100% the same. Use the one you like most. Windows has more features but is not mobile friendly.

Thank You Simon!

Another question if I prefer flat stake how about bet tracker, can I change value myself ?

What values for kelly you suggest ?

I have subscribed to mobile version , does it mean I will not have the windows version ?

You can of course use flat stakes. You have to modify our suggested stake for each bet. (Or you might be able to find a combination of bank roll and max stake that always gives the same stake). We will have an option for flat stakes later.

We suggest 30% Kelly when starting out. Depending on how aggressive you are and how much variance you can handle you can increase this to 40-50. If you want less variance and slightly slower profits, decrease.

When subscribing to ValueBetting, you have access to both the Windows and web/mobile version! (Note that will probably change in the future).

Are there any plans for exchange integration into the web version of VB?

Yes we plan to add all exchanges.

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I have logged in to my computer version , it mentioned that I’m not a member and have not subscribed. Please check for me .

And also I have auto bet 100 , why is that some suggested bets are written as 0 . Please kindly explain to me .


Please contact regarding your subscription for best help there.

Regarding 0 stake. Could it be that you have 100 in total bankroll? Quite often your stakes will then be rounded to 0.