[Solved] Trying Contact with the support team

Hello! I requested pause of my account two days ago, but till now it remains activated. I am also trying to contact the support team (via email and via site chat) but didn’t get any answer. Please answer me!

During the summer holidays, replies are slightly slower (average 2 business days instead of one). Sorry you had to wait.

Hi Simon, thanks for your reply, I’m sorry but I have waited 10 days and still I haven’t received any reply. Am I wrong thinking that I asked to pause the subscription and then it’s convenient wait a few days more before replying my email? I hope to be wrong and you will consider this.

(And I don’t think it’s solved :thinking:)

Alberto, I sent you a mail August 2. If you haven’t received it, please contact support in chat today and we’ll get this sorted. Full support is back now. And we will add the lost days, don’t worry.

Hey, Does anyone have problems with bet365 bets?

Yeh, i havent received any bets
in a couple of days.

Hi there,

Sorry for the inconvenience! Bet365 should be back now.

Long time not see you, Hanna :grin:

I just had some time off (summer vacation). But I’m here now. :smile:


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Still waiting for the problem to be sorted, replayed to the email but still no answer yet

Hi there, please see your message inbox in the community, thank you!