Sportmarket .Can anyone here able to see odds and able to bet in Surebetting software?

Hello guys i am new here going to start my journey soon with Rebel betting but i am mostly limited in all bookmakers . So i will create account only in 4 place .

  1. Pinnacle
  2. 3et
  3. Betinasia
  4. Sportmarket
    I have downloaded free version software and able to see odds from pinnacle,3et and Betinasia but not able to see any odd in Sportmarket .

Any premium member can you kindly confirm if you able to bet in sportmarket using Rebel betting. ? And RB executive could you kindly confirm if Sportmarket being properly implemented in Surebetting software ?

Thanks for reporting! It seems like we have some issues with Sportmarket at the moment. I’ll forward this to our dev team and we’ll look into it.

Sportmarket is otherwise well implemented in RebelBetting. It’s just that sometimes, at occasion, a bookmakers odds might not be retrievable by us. There are numerous reasons for this to happen.

We are however doing our very best to always gather as many odds as possible from all bookmakers we support.

Thanks for understanding, and sorry for the inconvenience!