Start with 1000€

I want to start value betting with 1000€: can you tell me what would be the best settings to star with such amount in a conservative and effective way? Kelly %, odds, etc?

I also have another problem: I’m swiss and swiss regulations on foreign betting sites just changed: do you know if there’s a website where i can find a list of allowed bookies? i don’t know if the process of getting licensed it’s already finished - in this case would be enough to check every website manually, but not sure.


The default settings are quite conservative and work fine in the beginning.

The top bookmakers in Switzerland seem to be:

Thanks Simon!
I was able to register with Interwetten, bet-at-home and Bet365 - but sbobet and bwin are not allowed to operate in switzerland; do you know any other good and trustable bookies that i could use?

Thanks a lot

Sorry those are the ones I know of. There are many countries out there and impossible for us to keep track I’m afraid :slight_smile: