Strategies when value betting

When value betting, you can employ a lot of different betting strategies that will control your risk and profit. From your selection of bookmakers, sports and leagues, to odds limits and time before match. Your bankroll management strategy can also have a large effect on profit and variance.

If you haven’t already, take a look at our tips for value betting beginners to see a list of our recommended settings.

What is your strategy?

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Hello - Newbie here.

I’m looking around the forum to see if any one has a “default” approach or tailored strategy to setting time before match and edges they will take.

For example I currently have this in my trade plan:

Time taken - as early as 7 hours before. Consider edge tolerance dependent of time:

2 hrs = full range %

2 - 6 hours = 5% +

+6hrs = 8%+

Any thoughts? Many thanks :slight_smile: