Support team off line? No we're here!

Has anyone else had trouble trying to contact the support team? Last time I spoke to one was about 10 days ago and I’ve not heard anything else since. There hasn’t been any reply on chat. Thanks

Yeah…same here…sent a message to Simon,no reply - although I notice he seems to reply to posts …messages Hanna over a week ago about Soccer Unders stats ( they seem to have gone unprofitable)

I’m trying to use the profit guarantee but its gone awfully quiet on their end. As it is a manual service through the support team they had already taken a payment and I’m trying to get it returned.

You not sticking with it Mate?

No. After a good few days it just went into a downhill slide that I lost the profit and then I lost the initial capital. How are you doing?

Its like looking at a heart monitor :slight_smile: …I m gubbed to death so cant do a great deal . I have found it working for me though…£3.3k profit since last May when I joined…and the cruel twist of fate is not being able to place bets. I am envious of people who have access to Bet365, as Ive made profits despite never having placed a bet with them ( I’m banned). I am desparately trying to find a solution. Dont want to waste money subscribing to Pro unless I have infrastructure in place ie access to Bookies!

I subscribed and have decent accounts but had it doesn’t work if your bets are not winning! I know variance comes into it. Have you had months when you’ve just made losses?

I’m also trying to get my next month for free, can’t get a answer from chat and no other way to contact. I have done 1500 bets in my first month and only showing £90 profit.

I don’t think that you’ll get a free month as you are in profit even though its only £90. I believe that you need to have a loss.

Never had a Full months of losses…but had many losing sequences of days on end…and it feels like you will never turn it round…but miraculously the profits are magnetised to your epected profit line on the graph displayed…and always get dragged down when you are over-performing and vice versa

How do you mean by profits are magnetised to your expected profit line. I don’t think I was particularly over performing . Anyway I hope they get in touch.

IMO the threshold for a free month should be the subscription cost not $0… at that point you might as well find value bets for free. But then again it’s not my product/business


Yes i very much agree with this, @Simon this’s something y’all should consider.


Support should reply within two business days. Things have been slower during the holidays but we’re almost back to normal now. Thanks for having patience!

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Regarding custom reports, this is not something we normally have time to help with, so it will have to wait until we have free time. (Which I think Hanna explained for you).

OK, I ll wait. However, since i stopped betting on Soccer UNDERS its helped my profits greatly…so that probably speaks volumes

Regarding Soccer UNDERS, they are certainly still profitable.

Here are the stats for the last 6 months:

And here are the stats for the last 3 months:

Unbelievable! It must just be me thats losing on them…I realise it might be a pain in the ass…but is there a way of delving deeper. For instance, on Full Ball eg U3 , U2 I find better than the Half Ball Hps eg U2.5 , U1.5…also lower league soccer Unders is a minefiled, some of the lower leagues in Germany can end up 7-1, 6-2 etc after U3.5 identified as a value bet :slight_smile:

What’s up with the zero value bets on PRO right now?

EDIT: All good now! :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry guys! We had to do some maintenance. Sorry for not giving you a heads-up!