Tennis not worth it

After 1144 bets I have a -9 (-0,1%) profit and 5,3% CLV

One of RB latest videos says that in 2022 the tennis yield was 0,3% for a CLV of 3,4%

Something is off, I don’t see why disabling tennis wouldn’t be a good option


Tennis has been a goldmine for me! I’ve placed 2446 bets on tennis with a CLV of 4.2% and a YIELD of 8.6%.

I see you’ve only got 1.1k bets on tennis. It might be a bit early to completely rule out tennis betting. You could be missing out on some great opportunities. I’d suggest trying to hit at least 2-3000 bets before making any big decisions. That way, you’ll have a better idea of how tennis is really performing for you

These are the combined stats for the last 12 months for tennis:


Tennis bet is loser from last 2 weeks.
Still not improving, going down & down.

I see that tennis is historically good, but the last months are not, I think I’ll disable it for a while

Last 30days tennis with rebelbetting yielding 5.5%. Not a lot of bets though, because rb is my third option as software, but i can confidently say that tennis has always been profitable.