"This page is no loger available" on Bet365

With about 70% of bet365 links the game doesn’t exist.

You guys know why that is?
Any tips are much appreciated.
Located in Germany, but tried other domains as well.

A few more questions I have are: what does U(3) mean if you can only bet on U(2.5) or U(3.5) and the same with 2.25 handicaps which also dont seem to exist.

Its probably just me and I am missing something important😅. Looking forward to hearing from you guys.

this direct BET work only for football, other sports you need to search manual

Aha, my mistake. Thanks man. :pray:

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Bet365 sometimes change the line/limit instead of changing the odds. This may be what happened. Also, if you can´t find specific bets, then please check to see if you have any restrictions on what you can bet on in your country. For instance, in Sweden (where I am from) we can not bet on youth teams and reserves anymore. Unfortunately these bets can´t be effectively filtered out in the program yet.

Also, please go here to learn more about bet types and what they mean.