Turnover vs CLV: Advice?

Hi all,

First of all, my bankroll is 5,000£. I have two limited B365 accounts, for which I use the following filter

Min value: 3
Max: 20
Min odds: 1.1
Max: 6
TTS: 40h

The idea is to take everything given to me in that range, because each bet is for so little of the bankroll I am willing to simply use it as a turnover helper, given this allows for so many bets I figured the high odds blend in more effectively than, say, if they comprised even 0.1% of my bankroll (these accounts should be extremely low variance given the spread anyway). However, sometimes even these stats only allow me to turnover about 100£ overall. Therefore, I was wondering if it would be worth it to drop the min value to 2.5 and the max odds to 4, which I believe would allow for more bets and higher turnover.

I currently have a healthy b365 account with far more regular stats, but I’m only managing to turnover about 600-700£ a day (I don’t want to bomb the account with deposits, so I’m building it slowly), when in my pomp I was turning over about double that a day.

Also, does the ROI calculator (Value betting profit calculator - How much money can I make?) presume a daily 100% turnover of the initial investment, or is it presuming something like each bet is 1% of bankroll?

What do you guys think? Thanks!